2013 new choral commission for Joondalup Festival: Banuru Songs.

7 January

2013 new choral commission for Joondalup Festival: Banuru Songs by Alberto Caruso and Vivienne Glance. Premiere March 23rd 2013.

The City of Joondalup has commissioned composer Alberto Caruso and writer Vivienne Glance to create a new community choral work called Banuru Songs to be performed as a world premiere by individuals, ensembles, school groups and community choirs from Joondalup and beyond at the 2013 Joondalup Festival.

Banuru Songs takes its inspiration from the history and landscape of Joondalup. There are four songs, and each one focuses on a different response to the Lake Joondalup area.

1. Late Summer Melody, describes the sunrise over the lake and the sounds that emerge as the day warms.

2. When the Lake is a Question contains more abstract responses, but it picks up moments during the day that might be seen, heard or enjoyed around the area.

3. Always Near, particularly references Indigenous history and presents it next to contemporary life near the lake. It could be seen as a song/poem for reconciliation.

4. Perry’s Paddock acknowledges the early colonial settlement of the lake and the remnant buildings. Although these artefacts are rusting and crumbling, the child in the poem is our hope for the future.