Eight Songs for a Mad King

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Music: Peter Maxwell Davies
Libretto: Randolph Stow and George III
The King: Robert Tucker
Flautist: Luca Manghi
Set and Costume Design: Robin Rawstorne

Photos by Jeff McEwan



The Turn of the Screw

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Music: Benjamin Britten
Libretto: Myfanwy Piper
Governess: Anna Leese
Prologue/Peter Quint: Jared Holt
Miss Jessel: Madeleine Pierard
Mrs Grose: Patricia Wright
Miles: Lukas Maher/Alexandros Swallow
Flora: Olivia Forbes/Alexa Harwood

Photos by Reuben Raj Some Bizarre Monkey; Marty Melville (Nos. 9, 10)



Trouble in Tahiti

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Music: Leonard Bernstein
Libretto: Leonard Bernstein
Dinah: Helen Sherman
Sam: Christopher Tonkin
Junior: Rory McLaughlin

Photos by Kristoffer Myhre


Don Procopio

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Music: Georges Bizet (1838-1875)
Libretto: Paul Collin and Paul Bérel (translated and adapted by Thomas de Mallet Burgess)
Don Procopio: Michael Lewis
Donna Bettina: Claire Condipodero
Don Odoardo: Alasdair Kent
Don Ernesto: Perry Joyce
Don Andronico: Paull-Anthony Keightley
Donna Eufemia: Stephanie Gooch

Photos by Grant Taylor



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Bajazet: Hadleigh Adams
Tamerlano: Christopher Lowrey
Asteria: Emily Edmonds
Irene: Helen Sherman
Andronico: Russell Harcourt
Idaspe: Sara Macliver
Set and Costume Design: Alicia Clements
Lighting Design: Matthew Marshall

Photos by Keith Saunders



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Music: Darius Milhaud (1892 – 1974
Libretto: Madeleine Milhaud (1902 – 2008)
Médée: Fiona McAndrew
Créuse: Katja Webb
La Nourrice: Ileana Rinaldi
Jason: Richard Symons
Créon: Simon Meadows
Chorus ensemble: Kris Bowtell, Bonnie de la Hunty, Amy Yarham
Children: Iseult de Mallet Burgess, Beatrice de Mallet Burgess

Photos by Jessica Wyld.


The Emperor of Atlantis

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Emperor Overall: Michael Heap
Death: Daniel Sumegi
Harlequin: Jun Zhang
Loudspeaker: Kristin Bowtell
A Soldier: Richard Symons
The Girl with Bobbed Hair, a Soldier: Corinne Cowling

Photos by Cam Campbell.



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Elektra: Susan Bullock
Klytemnestra: Ewa Podlés
Chrysothemis: Alwyn Mellor


Dead Man Walking

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Sister Helen: Charlotte Hellekant
Joseph de Rocher: Marcus de Loach
Mrs de Rocher: Virginia Kerr


La Traviata

Violetta: Kelly Kaduce/Agneta Eichenholz
Alfredo: César Gutiérrez



Magick Macabre

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La Vestale

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